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 Church History

It was the year 1879, when a group of believers, led by The Reverend George Wesley Allen began worshipping in a beautiful stucco building with  stained glass windows located on South Railroad Street in Phenix City, AL. Rev. Allen served as the first Pastor of this new charge of the AME Church called Grant Mission. Rev. Allen also planted St. Peter Mission in 1879, and a new building was erected for St. Peter in 1881

In 1908 a storm destroyed St. Peter AME Church, and its members merged with the members of Grant Chapel AME Church which increased the membership. The two congregations elected to retain the Grant Chapel AME Church designation.

In 1919 under the pastorate of Rev. M. J. Jackson Grant Chapel was remodeled to accommodate the increased membership.

On December 2-3, 1920, the East Alabama Annual Conference Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) held its opening session at Grant Chapel under the leadership of Mrs. M. E. Anderson, East Alabama Annual Conference WMS President. Rev. M. J. Jackson was the host Pastor.

The Russell County Housing Authority’s Renewal Project of 1940 caused the congregation of Grant Chapel to relocate in 1941. The church purchased property on the corner of 12th Avenue and 15th Street adjacent to the church. A new building was erected at 1501 12th Avenue (Phenix City) and renamed Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church. Allen Temple remains at this location today, some 79 years later. The Reverend Edward Cook served as Pastor during this time of transition. Also a new piano was purchased and the Senior Choir grew under the direction of his wife, Mrs. Cook. 

At one time Allen Temple was known as the first Station AME Church in Phenix City, AL, Today,  Allen Temple still maintains a strong presence within the Phenix City District, Northeast Alabama Annual Conference, Ninth Episcopal District and the AME Connectional Church.

Other significant contributions of Pastors of Allen Temple:

  • Rev. J. T. Hines who introduced and taught the youth about RAYAC and Know Your Church
  • Under Rev. A. Gordon, the membership grew spiritually, physically and financially. Rev. Gordon had a desire to make the sanctuary more worship friendly thus, the sanctuary was renovated. The work continued despite the premature death of Rev. Gordon in April 1955.
  • Rev. James W. Ezekiel was appointed as Pastor after the death of Rev. Gordon. Under his leadership the renovations were completed with the purchase of new pews and pulpit furniture.
  • Under Rev. W. L. Harris, work began on adding a Fellowship Hall to the church structure. Also a sound system was purchased by Stewardess Board #1. 
  • The Fellowship Hall construction was completed under the pastoral leadership of  Rev. Louis Williams.
  • Rev. Samuel Thomas had a thirst for knowledge, growth, education, peace and harmony. Under his administration, a tutorial program was implemented, thanks to a federal grant written by his wife Vivian. Program Director, Sis. Barbara Mitchell named the program “Planting Seeds through Reading, Writing and Arithmetic”. This tutorial program was used by many students in the community; it was helpful to school aged children and adults. Under Pastor Thomas, stained glass windows were purchased for the church, along with two lots that included a house that was to be used as a parsonage.
  • Rev. Carla Jones-Stallworth was appointed the first female Pastor of Allen Temple (Aug. 2002—Oct. 2005). Under her appointment, a stucco building next door to the church was purchased.
  • Rev. Wendell Jones was appointed as Pastor Oct. 2008. Under Rev. Jones’ leadership, the Allen Temple AME Church food and clothing banks were established and many from the community were fed and clothed. He was known for his energizing and thought provoking messages.
  • Rev. Robyn Burnett arrived as the 2nd female Pastor in October 2017. She was appointed by Bishop Harry L. Seawright, the 133rd elected and consecrated Bishop of the AME Church. Under her leadership, the stucco building next to the church was torn down and removed.
  • Rev. James A. Platt arrived as Pastor in April 2018 along with his spouse and Assistant Pastor, Rev. Sandra D. Yates (aka Rev. Sandy). They brought to the church gifts of administration, vitality, and excitement about ministry.  Many long needed repairs were made to the structure. The church mortgage was paid off in November 2019 and on  December 8, 2019 the church celebrated 140 years of existence with a wonderful celebration led by our Presiding Prelate & President of the Bishop’s Council of the AME Church, the Right Reverend Harry Lee Seawright. Under Rev. Patt and Rev. yates, the weekly Bible study was reinstated, a Weekly Prayer Meeting (by telephone) was initiated, an on-line giving system (Givelify) and an online church financial management system (Churchtraconline.com) were put into place along with an envelope giving program.


Pastors Who Have Served Allen Temple:

1. Rev. George Wesley Allen    (1879-??)

2. Rev. Jefferson Cary

3. Rev. Pinston Williams

4. Rev. O. E. Fortson

5. Rev. Hayes

6. Rev. James Perry

7. Rev. M.  J. Jackson      (1919)

8. Rev. William Carr

9. Rev C. W. Wright

10. Rev. C. D. Parker

11. Rev. A. M. Green

12. Rev. Allison Hill

13. Rev. A. Jones

14. Rev. A. M. Green

15. Rev. F. H. Anderson

16. Rev. Edward Cook     (1940)

17. Rev. O. D. Young

18. Rev. A. D. Berry

19. Rev. C. L. Parker

20. Rev. Tipton

21. Rev. Thomas Oliver

22. Rev. T. B. Scott

23. Rev. J. T. Hines

24. Rev. A. Gordon          (??-1955)

25. Rev. James W. Ezekiel   (1955-??)

26. Rev. E. H. Robertson

27. Rev. W. L. Harris

28. Rev. Louis Williams

29. Rev. Samuel Thomas

30. Rev. Carla Jones-Stallworth             (08/02 – 10/05)

31. Rev. Alphonso Turner

32. Rev. Jerry Robinson

33. Rev. Wendell Jones  (10/08 – 10/13)

34. Rev. Thomas Fortson   (10/13 – 10/14)

35. Rev. Brandon Thornton   (10/14 – 10/15)

36. Rev. James Levert   (10/15 – 10/17)

37. Rev. Robyn Burnett   (10/17 – 04/18)

38. Rev. James A. Platt   (04/18 – present)


Presiding Elders who have served the Phenix City District include:

Rev. McClinningham

Rev. I. N. Fitzpatrick

Rev. J. W. Hill

Rev. Dan Brown

Rev. J. W. Walker

Rev. C. A. Martin

Rev. L. V. Starkey

Rev. C. S. Catlin

Rev. O. E. Fortson

Rev. L. J. King

Rev. R. L. Harris

Rev. T. R. Newman

Rev. W. M. Boddie, Jr.

Rev. W. G. Treadwell

Rev. Joseph Hall

Rev. Samuel Smith

Rev. Johnny Rutledge









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